Happy 40th Birthday Coach.

Five Years ago we celebrated Coach U’s 35th birthday.  The “Mafia” made up of Chris, Sam, and I, decorated his room and surprised him before he even got to school .  Kenzie was with us too 🙂 We were let in his classroom by the janitor and once inside, stayed until he got there.  I had my nanny kids paint him posters that said “Happy Birthday” the day before.  He was their Uncle Kaleo.  We baked him cupcakes and made him wear a Cars birthday cap 🙂 We lined his door with streamers, kind of like a web so he would have to break through them as he entered the classroom.  Once we saw his truck pull in we blasted Jack Johnson’s Curious George.  He was like “what the?” as he broke through the streamers.  All worth it.  Miss you Coach. Thanks for the times we had. 

Coach U's 35th Birthday. 2006.



Happy 40th Birthday Coach. (Before Cleaning).


Bok’s House for Dinner.

Met up in Auburn with my other mom, Lisa.  We were just getting together, kind of celebrating Lisa’s birthday, but kind  of just getting together.  So happy that my sister and brother (inlaw) came.  And of course they brought there wittle babies, who bring me such joy. We barbecued some meat and had some salad.  It was good food and good talks and good friends.

I know I look like a piece, but I liked how Axxie was looking at me.

Hey sister, soul sister.

So Miss Getty turned 1 last Friday.  All I have to say to that is PRAISE the Lord.  I was reading a statistic last week that said, “30% of SMA babies make it to their first birthday, and 15% make it to their second”.  I am not okay with this! But Getty is winning her battle right now.  So we must fight harder to find the cure for SMA.  Here is a picture of my little sista on her birthday:
On Tuesday, my beloved Auntie Ang turned 26.  In her birthday card I let her know, I am not sure how she came out as my Aunt, because surely I view her as a sister! So another happy birthday to Angie! You are not old dear girl! We are still below 30! Here is a picture of us when we were just little gals:

Me at age 2?, Meg-4, Ang-6. Who is that baby??

And another Happy Birthday shout out to my DEAR sis Kenzie 🙂 She has been my twin since she was born 🙂 She looked quite lovely at her birthday dinner, but unfortunately (just like me) was sick on her birthday 😦 Get better Konce! By the way, she has always been my favorite model to shoot….why? BECAUSE SHE’S BEAUTIFUL 🙂 🙂 Love you sis! Happy Birthday and welcome to your Twenty’s baby!