Hillsong Girls – Adopted Jan 2013

Friends! I was so blessed to go home for Christmas.  I want to bless some of the girls I have met at Hillsong who haven’t seen their family for a while.  Just as a girl, on a student budget, and far from home there were a couple things that stood out to me.  One is that mascara is almost $20 per tube.  My family helped me out and sent me some good ol’ American mascara for me and some to share.  They were like gold handed out.

I was wondering if you would like to adopt a Hillsong girl that I have grown to know! The ones listed could use some lovin.  I know I cant reach the whole student population, but I’d like to reach these ones!  So if you can I have a little owl bag, a little smaller than a lunch bag, that would be awesome if you could fill with little things like mascara, floss, nail polish, a little note, anything! xoxo

1. Jackie French, Alabama USA
65052_10152362902230507_666594988_n-1Jackie is from ‘Bama! She is a very talented vocalist, who can shred the guitar.  She has a bright personality, and is a little on the hipster side 🙂  

Age: 24
Fav Color: Purple
Make-up: Mascara, Liquid eyeliner
Fav Activities: playing guitar, singing, busk in Sydney
Fav Candy: Lifesaver Gummies
Misses Most:
Ideas: Notes of encouragement

2. Anna Yarbrough, IRELAND

Anna baby is from Ireland.  She has been a wonderful mentor in my life, a couple steps ahead in the journey. Check out her blog fighting depression! (http://hopeoverblue.com/) .  She just recently married the love of her life Seamus from Florida 🙂 Aw ya!
Age: 24
Fav Color: Blue & Green
Make-up: Light foundation, mascara
Fav Activities: Writing, music, art, singing, and swimming!
Fav Candy: Chocolate
Misses Most: The slow pace of Ireland, Family
Ideas: Pens to journal with, notes of encouragement

3. Julie De Lasablonniere, Quebec, CANADA

Julie is a vocalist! She also plays the keys.  She comes from the French speaking part of Canada.  We call her “Frenchie” 🙂 She has not been able to receive packages from her family, due to Canadian rules and sending packages out of the country.
Age: 21
Fav Color: Purple
Make-up: Wears mascara, has recently taken an a real interest in the art of makeup.
Fav Activities: play & listen to music, read, swim, and paint
Fav candy: Praline/Dark Chocolate
Ideas: funky earrings, notes of encouragement

4. Gina Kent, Isle of Man UK
537820_10151229156342992_1109026529_n  Gina comes to Oz from the Isle of Man, she does not consider herself British.  She is a wonderful artist and she is a talented pianist, and violinist.
Age: 20
Fav Color: Teal
Make-up: Sunscreen
Fav Activities: Cooking, writing music, drawing, painting, drinking coffee
Fav Candy: 100% Dark Chocolate
Needs: Vitamins(Iron), Burts bees Chapstick (original)
Misses Most: Gorgeous Isle of Man, and family!
Ideas: Cute little things, she’s an artist, Sunglasses, notes of encouragement

5. Mary Burbules, Texas USA
284454_1931658651326_721678_nMary is one of the most selfless girls that I have met at Hillsong.  She invests into the girls all around her.  She has not been home in 2 years!  She is a powerful vocalist at Hillsong College.
Age: 25
Fav Color: Orange
Make-up: Broad range
Fav Activities:
 Sing, bake, workout, cook, and take photos!
Fav Candy: Sour Patch Gummy Bears
Misses Most: Mom
Needs: Aveeno Tinted Moisturizing Lotion (Medium), jogging headphones, Mascara (MASCARA HAS BEEN SPONSORED THROUGH MARY KAY)
Ideas: Mint Chocolate Cliff Bars, Country Time Pink Lemonade Powder Mix, Orange things, notes of encouragement.

6. Courtney Jones, Seattle WASHINGTON
598450_4907440332093_548081331_n Courtney is a talented guitarist, vocalist, and pianist.  She comes from the West Coast!  I have seen this girl grow so much since being in Australia.  She did not get to go home for Christmas this year.  She diligently serves in the church in almost every service (out of 7) on the weekends.
Age: 32
Fav Color: Blue
Make-up: Very sensitive skin
Fav Activities: Writing music, journaling, walking
Fav Candy: Dark Chocolate
Misses most: Rain, throw blankets, dark skies, and fires
Needs: Earbuds, Mascara (Covergirl Natureluxe)
Artsy things

7.  Sophiya Gaiduchik, Roseville CALIFORNIA
68299_480396612005606_60312871_nSofiya is one of the first girls I met, and just so happened to live right around the corner.  I went to High School with her older brother at Casa 🙂   Her other brother is also studying at Hillsong!
Age: 18
Fav Color: Green
Fav Candy: Trolli Peachios
Fav Activities: Drawing, Reading, when bored-styling her hair in the worst possible ways.
Ideas: Caprisun

8. Carla Schorno, SWITZERLAND
Everybody loves Carla.  She has an infectious joy, and her laughter is so contagious that we have gotten into trouble in class before 😉 Which is making me giggle right now.  She comes from beautiful Switzerland!
Age: 23
Fav Color: All Colors!
Fav Candy: Chocolate
Fav Activities:  Music and being in church, spending time with people, my boy,  my friends and family.
Misses Most: The mountains and the lakes in Switzerland, boyfriend David.
Ideas: Note of encouragement, journal, pens for journaling.

9. Grace  SOUTH KOREA >>>UP FOR ADOPTION<<< Profile Coming Soon!

10. Kyuhee SOUTH KOREA>>>UP FOR ADOPTION<<< Profile Coming Soon!

11. Katherine Shelst Roseville CALIFORNIA
Kat is from the area! She has the sweetest voice.  She would like to study at WJU when she gets back (Oh ya).  This girl is quite amazing, and I am so happy we are from the same corner of the world 🙂
Age: 19
Fav Color: Green
Fav Candy: Nerds Rope Candy
Fav Activities: Star Gazing, and going to San Francisco
Misses Most: Family so very much.
Needs: Stuffed Animal
Ideas: Journal, nice journaling pens, note of encouragement

12. Kezia Yohanes INDONESIA
30960_383778335033492_771895629_n Kezia, affectionately known as KK would never ask for ANYTHING which is why I dont have specific information on her wants and needs.  She is the kind of girl who has surprised me with a cupboard full of groceries when I needed it most, without even asking.
Misses Most: the dirtiness of Indonesia 🙂
Needs/Wants: Some good ol’ Loving from a great adopted family 🙂  You have full freedom to surprise this girl with anything.  I trust that whoever adopts her will just know what to get? She wears Size 11 shoes 🙂

13.Gabriella Gubiotti CANADA
421242_10150590171341186_1181566567_n Meet sweet Gabriella from Canada.  She comes from a theatrical background and has a stunning voice and a heart of gold.  She is a great friend and source of encouragement.
Age: 21
Fav Color:
Fav Candy: Jelly Bellies, Chocolate
Fav Activities: Shopping, singing
Misses Most: Family, Friends, Franks Red Hot Sauce
Needs: Note of encouragement, Love, Pens for journaling
 Girly things, we have a huge Taylor Swift fan right here 🙂

14. Sara Colee USA
Sara is a HUGE part of the creativity team at Hillsong.  She is a huge visionary for our church and college.  She will be starting her third year at Hillsong.  I can’t say how amazing this girl is.  You would be blessed if you only met her for a moment.
Age: 31
Fav Color: A muted palet
Fav Candy: Pascal Pineapple Lumps
Make-up: Lucus pawpaw ointment
Fav Activities: Embarking on adventures…which usually entails something never done before, never seen, never attempted. Or…attempted but never tired of.
Needs: Pencils, paper, Chapstick, Mascara (MASCARA HAS BEEN SPONSORED BY MARY KAY)
Ideas: Moleskin Journals, buttons

15. Carolin Höllrich GERMANY
Caro is my lovely German friend.  She is staying for her second year on Australia.
Fav Color: Green
Fav Candy: Chocolate
Fav Activities: Crafting, singing, reading, hanging out with friends, exploring new places
Misses Most: The people that know her best, White Christmas, Bread, & having a car.
Needs: Make up
Crafty bits


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