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>>>>>>JUNE 2015<<<<<
I am in my last week of class at Hillsong International Leadership College! My next step is to work until graduation and then fly home to San Fran and build church there!  It’s in the birthing stages, and we are quite fired and ready to occupy the streets of San Fran ❤  But in the meantime, so thankful for my time here at college, hard to describe the healing, growth and stretch that’s happened here.  But I’ll always recommend three years baby.
>>>>>April 2014<<<<<<
>>>>>>JANUARY 2014<<<<<<<
In my second year at Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney Australia.  It is not easy to be away from Family, but allowing God to become my freedom is worth it.  I hope it shows them a way to living the best lives we’re meant to live in a temporary world.  Working towards becoming a pastor and worship leader and dreaming in my heart for Hillsong San Francisco #onmission.

\\\\\\MAY 2012/////

My name is Morgan and I am leaving for Australia in July to attend Hillsong Leadership College for music!  I will be away from family and friends and comfort for 1 year.  This will be one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life, but I feel like it is exactly what I am supposed to do.  You can follow my Aussie adventures here!

\\\\\DECEMBER 2011//////

My name is Morgan.  I just completed the California International Marathon in order to raise money for the cure for SMA. It was awesome and for my little sis Getty Storm who has SMA Type 1.  Read about her at http://www.GettyOwl.org.  I do my best to live for the Lord and have just been accepted into Hillsong Leadership college for July 2012.  I am anxious and excited and waiting to see if it is actually a part of the God’s plan for my life!  Blessed with family, great roommates and a job at Starbucks!

December 4th – California International Marathon

Sept 2011:

My name is Morgan. I run to raise money to find a cure for SMA in honor of my little Sister Getty Storm.  You can read her story at http://www.GettyOwl.org.  I love the Lord, and I am hoping that Hillsong College is in store for my life so that I can grow in ministry.  Just finished at William Jessup University.  Love the ocean, my family, and volleyball.  I recently ran my first half marathon in Disneyland dressed as the Little Mermaid as a Team Getty Runner.  Oh and I am a brunette now! Woohoot!

June 2011: My name is Morgan, I have just graduated college! What’s next? A year of saving money for school, raising money to cure SMA, and then Hillsong? I hope so!

College Grad 2011

<My name is Morgan.  I am on the brink of graduating college with my bachelors in Liberal Studies and my California Teaching Credential.  So what comes next? No idea.  Going to go wherever God leads me!>



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