The Eve of Mega Prayer Night: Prepare to Listen


We were prompted in class to come prepared to Mega Prayer Night, I thought it would be good to think on today what I wanted to hear from God on.  Funny, sometimes I just want to throw my requests to God and not hear back from Him.  Do I fear what He’ll say? Or what He won’t say?  Is He so much not a piece of my life that I don’t care for His perspective?  Is He just a figment of my imagination that I don’t need to hear an imaginary voice?

We were asked to come prepared with what we were seeking to hear from God for.  But my list came up  as a one way conversation, “God I need this, they need that”… Is part of the problem we don’t see value in God’s thoughts?

Our Global Creative Pastor, Cass Langton, has encouraged us to create a margin of space that is for God to speak, and just listen.  Creating space allows a margin for the Great Teacher to speak, inspire, and critique us.  A place for God in our lives.

But do we want to hear?  Are we desperate to hear from God?  Do we know how to listen? Or are we selective in our hearing?  Is it a one way conversation?

Take baby steps.  How can you let God speak into your life these next few weeks?  Start small as you begin conversing with the God of the Universe — cause remember He knows you by name! He knows the hairs on your head.  He formed you in your mother’s womb.

I think you’ll realise  how much you recognize His voice, just haven’t tuned in.

Be vulnerable with God.

What’s in your hand?
What’s in your Heart?
What are your desires?
What if you let God speak into those?
Ask Him what He thinks on the matters!
What if in fact He answered with the keys of the Kingdom?

I pray your Mega Prayer Night is one of Conversation with God.  See you at 7pm XX

–If you need prayer for anything feel free to email me!  And we will pray for them tomorrow night!
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