I will remember.

imageI will remember.

I am on such a journey right now.  And God is revealing more and more of himself to me.  And today my revelation is that I must not forget what He’s done, but that I will remember.  And that when I start to question God and his involvement in my life he says, “Just remember.”

I was given a journal a couple weeks before I left for Australia and it was decorated with “Australia”on the cover.  The beautiful woman who gave it to me said, “write down everything that happens so you can share it once you get back!”
Naturally as a devoted journaling queen I thought of course!  Little did i know of the records of things I’d be keeping.
Today in Old Testament class, taught by our principle Catrina, I could see myself as an israellite. The Israelites, Gods chosen people were called to remember the time He brought them out of slavery in Egypt.  It was a mighty feat, yet when they forgot the miracle they began to complain or get off the path.  The path they were called to looked different.  My whole first year has been provided through sponsorships, and it hasn’t been easy, but what a testimony.  When the Israelites were walking around in the wilderness wondering about where the next meal would come from, they were called to remember that the same God who brought them all out of Egypt was the same God who would provide their next meal.
Another lesson from today was through the stories of the Kings of Israel.  The Isralealites weren’t meant to have a King, they had God, and they were His people, and he guided them.  But because everybody else around them had a king, they wanted one & God let them have their choice.  They had some good kings but more so bad ones, and it led to a divided kingdom and eventually their exile.  In my finances I have been blessed, but at times I have tried to do it on my own, through photo shoots, or getting a job at Starbucks,, but none of it has worked.  Part of my story in getting to Hillsong was that I felt God did not want me to get a job for the first year.  it seems nice to not have to work, but it is requiring a deep level of trust.  So it wasnt that I applied out of rebellion, but maybe I just forgot to let the God who has provided my whole time here provide.  And every time I tried to take control, just to feel settled, I did not succeed.  Just as the kings of Israel did not succeed.  if only the people would have given the God who brought them out of Egypt the reigns back, if they would have stayed the path.  So I find my storyline right next to theirs, but I will also learn and remember.  When I have $3 in my bank account and I begin to question, I will remember.  The God who brought me to Australia is the same God who will continue to provide my every need.  I think to live by faith and not by what I see requires much remembrance.

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