Welcome to a typical Monday (this semester) during my Hillsong journey. The weeks are SOO packed there’s no way I could write about what goes on in ONE post.  So here’s a go!

7:15 am : Wake up, look at my watch (which is set to California time) and jump out of bed to get ready for the day! Bring some kind of food to school to coordinate with my friend Gina.  Today we had avocado & pesto toast for lunch with an orange. IT WAS DELICIOUS.

8:15 am: Make the 0.3 mile walk to school 🙂 Spoiled! I get to listen to about 1 or almost 2 songs on my iPod.

8:30-8:45am: Voice Class Warm-ups (This pic I tried to snap while no one was looking….LOL) The blonde gal in this picture is Mel, she is one of our vocal teachers!

8:45-9:45ish: Voice Theory

9:45-11:30am: Band practice in the Auditorium or in the Silent Library.

LUNCH (or Coffee stop)

12:30-1:30: Worship Band Tutorial (Lecture)

1:30pm-5:30pm: Skype, Study, Exercise, Free time!

5:30pm – Meet at School for “Backpackers” In which we literally drive to 3 hostels and make them pancakes! Its awesome you meet a lot of people who are on life journeys. So fun.

9:45pm- Get back home, do some reading, and konk out.
There it is!! Crazy Awesome Packed Mondays!



    1. It is the Silent Library because, its a room in the Library and you are connected to a hub so everybody is linked into headphones! You can only hear a light tap from the electronic drums and some voices 🙂 A lot quieter than a real rehearsal!

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