Month: July 2012

My first week in college.

I have now been here a full week, and been super busy for most of it.  But I am excited to update my blog weekly 🙂  Let’s just say,  its hard to start from the ground up in a new country! But each day our flat becomes a little more homey.  Kind of neat, the first person I met in Australia was the boyfriend of a sweet Jessup girl I met during graduation this year 🙂 It made the world feel small as I walked into the church for the first time.

Inside the church/college

I have already seen some answered prayers here.  Our flat that we moved into came completely unfurnished because of the newness.  We are actually the first flatmates to move in it, which is nice.  I came first so I got to choose my room, which has a nice closet, a bathroom attached, and an awkward hallway with a window at the end, but it works great :).  Yesterday we welcomed our new fridge and washer in so we are now able to buy groceries!!

So….My flatmates and I made a little “I miss you video” CLICK ME

I am still a little bit overwhelmed with all the details that are working themselves out, but its a daily thing.  I realize this post is kind of all over the place, but so much has happened in the last week, in addition to switching time zones.  I miss you all a lot! I am still looking to where I can buy stamps in this country so I can write you 🙂

Here is my mailing address:
28/6 Archibald Ave
Waterloo NSW 2017

Kaleo Klassic (Last Sat/Sun in the States)

Kaleo Klassic

With my teammate Bethany 🙂 We did pretty good.

10K run with the Getty Owl Foundation (Last Saturday Night in States)

Saying Goodbye (Last Sunday in the states)
Kenzie, Madi holding Axxie, Meg holding Zykah and baking Vhayde, Dad, Tyler, and Me.

😦 Saying Goodbye to Logie Bear, and equipping her with info when she comes downunder 🙂

Saying Goodbye: Mom, Me, Madi, Kenzie. On our way to the SF Airport.

One of the hardest goodbyes. Axxie and Zykah, at the SF Airport.

Now I stay connected through Skype. Which is an amazing blessing.


A reminder.

For the last week and a half, I have been breaking out in hives.  They started on my legs and are creeping to my lower back, side, and arms.  I have blamed this on stress and deemed it natural considering I will be moving across the world in exactly two weeks.

But I am tired of finding them all over my body.  Today I see these as a reminder of what happens when you try to control your own life.

I have 2 weeks till I move across the world.  I am trying to make every second count, get in every last goodbye, make every last memory.  I am suffocating the control of every detail through my clenched fist, and it’s not working out so great.

Last night in the shower I was in deep thought.  I don’t want to be in control and try to plan out every detail.  I want and I need God to, because right now I’m just stressing and breaking out in hives.

So I took the hives as a reminder to daily turn over the reigns in prayer, and to keep trusting.  All I have to do is put one foot in front of the other, and soon I’ll be walking across Sydney’s airport to pick up my luggage.  This is probably the hardest thing I will ever do in my life, but:

My roomies took me Paddle Boarding at Lake Tahoe…I was in Heaven.

Paddle boarding with Bethany

Got to take Getty’s 27 month old pictures 🙂 She is a darling little owl.

Joined a band, “The Downunders”. We’ve played at three places so far, and have a big ol’ party this Friday at Origin Coffee. These guys have been a great encouragement to me! (Denver and Brian)

Did a Mud Run with the Getty Owl Foundation ladies. SMA WARRIORS

Spending as much time and hugs with these two 🙂
(At my Starbucks show with the Downunders)

God to see Justine (here from Georgia) and hang out with my besties 🙂 Aka my other sisters, AKA Marley’s Mommas 🙂

Logie Bear helped me get ready for the Owl Night Club show 🙂 I love this girl.

Feeling the love from my Barista sistas 🙂 Love all these girls, and the ones not shown!