Dear Friends and Family,

I hope this day finds you blessed!  If you have not heard yet, I have been accepted to Hillsong Leadership College to study music! 🙂 I am amazed at the fact that I will be leaving for Australia this July, that’s right….Sydney, Australia!  After boarding the plane I won’t see any friends or family for a full year.  I have prayerfully considered attending this school for a couple years.  Through the trials and the good times in my life, this was one hope I held onto.  And now, not because of my own doings, but because of God using all sorts of people like you, it is becoming a reality.
At Hillsong I will be studying musicianship, songwriting, worship leadership, and theology of worship from July ‘12 – July ‘13.  I am so looking forward to learning more about songwriting because I have been crafting songs together since I was younger.  I am also looking forward to be in an environment of pure music.  I love music. It is powerful, and my favorite language.  I have developed the idea that when I am singing, I am in my element.  But when I am leading worship, I am in the Lord’s element.  And it is healing, and encouraging, and unlike anything I have ever done before.

So I am excited that this is becoming my reality.  I know God is leading me there.

I am writing to you to see if you would pray for me and prayerfully consider sponsoring me throughout the year.  I am looking for sponsors who can send $15 a month, but anything and everything helps!  So I am grateful for a commitment of prayer because I know that God’s provision has no limits.  This is truly the biggest step of faith I have ever taken.  I will not be working over in Australia, so I will have the money I have saved beforehand, and what God provides while over there.
Hillsong recommends a budget of about $300 a week for living (includes rent/food/electric/transportation).  That is about $1,200 a month.  If people sponsored me $15 a month, I would be covered with 80 sponsors!
I pray that God would bless you with clarity, if this is something he wants you to be a part of.  And I thank you for your support through prayer, financial means, and encouragement.

Thank you so much,

ps- Please don’t hesitate to send an email! I would love to put your address and email address in my address book!  You can expect a postcard or note of some sort while I am in the Land down under!  Woot!
Please Cut Off and Return in Envelope!

I would like to:

____  Pray for you throughout the year
____  Receive email & Blog Updates
_____  Sponsor you $15 a month
_____  Sponsor you _____ a month
_____  Sponsor you with a one time donation of ________

Please leave me your email and home address so I can send you letters from Down Under 🙂

My email: MORGAN2HILLSONG@gmail.com
Paypal Account: msaunders@jessup.edu
Facebook Page: Sending Morgan To Hillsong < Like on facebook for updates!


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