The most beautiful letter.

I received a donation in the mail with a letter that touched my heart.  I have loved getting snail mail.  Its not so much the donations, though those encourage me too! But the handwritten notes mean a lot.  Here is a note from a sister that really meant a lot to me:


Someone once told me during prayer that music heals.  To be honest,  I don’t know why the Spirit revealed that to me, for I don’t sing for that matter, but I truly believe YOU are going to heal SO many people with your breath-taking voice and powerful testimony!  Your singing voice is going to break strong holds, bring deliverance, and not only save souls, but save lives.  Romans 8:28 is your passage for this season.  Declare it. Claim it.  And go forth with it!  This is YOUR moment sistah, your time to go on the path that our heavenly father has set before you.  Its your time for healing, so you can heal others.  You’re going to do wonders for the kingdoms cause girlfriend and I cant wait 🙂

You are so loved, respected, and valued.  So please don’t ever forget that!  Thank you for your friendship, its an honor to have you in my life.
PS- I will be the first few in line when your CD comes out too! Haha 🙂

>>>WOW. What an encouraging note.  I just lit up with hope after reading this. So thank you to my sista who wrote this.  It was quite a blessing and encouragement to read.


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