Dreams Come True.

I have a lot of bad dreams.  99.9% of the time they are bad.  However the other night I had a dream that was so real, and hopeful.   In fact it was such a good dream I feared that a horrible one would have to follow, so I had trouble going back to sleep.  It was about 1am at this point.
In my dream Hillsong College sent me a letter and returned my application money.  As though they didn’t need it.  As I opened the letter, checks after check, and bill after bill came out.  My schooling was taken care of, my financial burden lifted.  I teared up thinking, “Are you sure this is for me?”  So as I woke up the first words that came out of my lips were, “Thank you Lord”.  This dream was a huge encouragement.  It brings me back to the truth – the Lord does NOT have limits.  He has EVERYTHING we need.
I got an email from Hillsong that day.  They said due to being full, I was moved from the “City” campus to the “Hills” campus.  I was somewhat bummed, but have learned about and am working on not feeling “dejection”.  Trying to trust that the Lord knows my best interest.  I mean, I definitely didn’t want to attend William Jessup University.  Now that I look back I couldn’t have asked for a better fit where I could grow, learn, and heal.
If I can get into the “City” campus I can most likely transfer my Starbucks job.  I would love to have a little job to support myself, I would love to be a barista in Australia!  In the city you’re closer to the beach, and I would love to live in the city for a year.  So it is just my preference.  I will wait to see the number Hillsong emails me for what kind of deposit I have to make to secure my spot.  Waiting on the Lord!
Next cool thing.  My roommate had a dream…She dreamt that we had a 2 foot tall stack of 125 checks or so – All for me to go to Hillsong! ARE YOU SERIOUS!? In the dream she said that I was put in her life to learn how to trust the Lord…Are you serious!? HOW AWESOME! Did you get the chills yet?
More cool stuff….I emailed my dream to my mentors and friends at WJU.  That day – $200 donation….Again, Lord you are so cool.  Bless the donor Lord!
EVEN MORE COOL stuff > I get an email back from a mentor at Jessup…without knowing about my roommates dream, she said she had a dream that I was in Australia giving my testimony about a large donor that helped me get to Hillsong.  HOW AMAZING!  I love that the Lord has given us these encouraging dreams.  Even if they did not come true, they have encouraged me to keep working towards Hillsong, and trust.  Trust that it is okay to leave loved ones for a year.  Trust that the money will come in (need about $19,000 for the year). Trust that this is what I am supposed to do.  Amen to that.  So for those who read this, I will let you know if any of these come true.  I look forward to watching how the Lord unfolds this part of my journey.  Are you ready to see amazing things happen?




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