Ways To Save.

How do you fund a year of school in Australia, in less than 7 months?  This is what I am going to do.  If you guys have advice I would LOVE to hear it on how you’ve saved or raised money for a large purpose 🙂  This is what I will be doing below!
1.  Put money away from each paycheck.
2. Don’t buy ANY new clothes (And my personal weakness – workout clothes 😉
3. Cut down costs everywhere possible, learn to live ASAP (as simple as possible)
4. Put away ALL profits from photo shoots.
5. Have an amazing Aunt and Uncle who are willing to help out with a spaghetti feed to raise funds.
6. Make “Headbands for Hillsong”.

If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.  I am hoping you guys can keep me accountable this year to buy NO new clothes, shoes, purses, or any frillies that are just so fun to buy 🙂

Love, hugs, and prayer,

PS: Headbands for Hillsong will hopefully be launching this week! Stay tuned.
PPS: Comment with your favorite Starbucks Coffee Bean, or Tea bag!! I will be giving away TWO pounds a month to my readers 🙂

Mmmm Free Coffee Tastes The Best




      1. You’re welcome.. but don’t thank me until I deposit money in there (will when I get paid).. 🙂 I think you are an amazing woman who inspires so many. I want to do whatever I can to help you reach your goal as well as spread your love on another continent.

  1. take advantage of any thrift stores that are nearby. if you need clothes, they have quality clothes for cheap if you’re willing to hunt for them. good luck! we’re leaving tonight for aussie! hopefully we’ll see you down there in july!

  2. I’m excited to see what God has for you, Miss Snazzy! I totally agree with Anonymous and will do what I can to help you reach your goal! You asked for suggestions to raise money…here’s mine: I saw the cute photo of a dog you made for your friend. I think you need to make greeting cards like that photo and sell them in pet shops! They’d be great Mothers Day and Fathers Day cards, and I think you could get your “model” to cooperate! 🙂 If not, I have two other models you could use…although they would probably not be as cooperative!

    1. Thanks Irene 🙂 I will definitely start working with that model! That is a wonderful idea. Appreciate it 🙂 And I already got your coffee down! Decaf Verona. Ill put you in the running for a free bag soon 🙂

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