The Next Adventure.

This July I have the opportunity to attend Hillsong College in Sydney, Australia!  Tuition is around $5,200 for the year and if you wanted to “walk” to my apartment it would take you 185 days to get there (Side note: Google says there are some missing sidewalks and ferries you will need to take).  In the heart of Sydney I will be studying musicianship, worship leading, songwriting, and the theology of worship for a full year.  It should seem unbelievable, but I really feel in the depths of my heart that I am supposed to go.  If I am not, I am sure it will be made clear to me the more I pursue it.

So, why I am going to Hillsong College?:
I have wanted to attend Hillsong since I was a junior in college.  It felt like a great goal for my future, but it remained a dream.  When I doubted that I should go there, God brought people into my life who consistently asked me how it was going and why I hadn’t applied yet.   Early last year I attended an info meeting that was held in Sacramento.  They cut the application fee in half for people who attended the meeting to $100.  I had $100 cash in my wallet (That is NOT normal).  I took it as confirmation to apply.

About a month ago, I got a letter that I had been accepted into the July 2012 school year.

Leading worship at a church in Arizona 2010

I started my blog last year with a love for blogging, but an uncertainty if my blog would ever hold a theme.   Now I have a purpose to blog….to keep you guys updated on this adventure to the Great Down Under!  One thing I know, I am in my element when I sing.  I am in the Lord’s element when I lead worship, and so I hope that this could be preparing me for something greater than I can imagine.  Thank you for your prayers and your support that you have already shown.
Love, Hugs, and Prayer,


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