Month: January 2012

When my heart fights.

Going to Hillsong seems like a grand adventure.  I wonder what the Lord is going to do through this experience.  I have grown to accept the fact that I won’t see or touch my family or close friends for a year, that my niece and nephew may not recognize/like me when I return, and that I will be spending Christmas alone.  But there is one little girl in  my life that I cannot bear to leave.  My heart aches every time I think about not seeing her for a year.  My mind and my heart toss and turn and I realize it might be the hardest thing I will ever do.  So tonight I just don’t want to think about it.  But I needed to get that off my chest.  I hope to talk to her mom and pops about it soon, but I just can’t face the fact yet.



Ways To Save.

How do you fund a year of school in Australia, in less than 7 months?  This is what I am going to do.  If you guys have advice I would LOVE to hear it on how you’ve saved or raised money for a large purpose 🙂  This is what I will be doing below!
1.  Put money away from each paycheck.
2. Don’t buy ANY new clothes (And my personal weakness – workout clothes 😉
3. Cut down costs everywhere possible, learn to live ASAP (as simple as possible)
4. Put away ALL profits from photo shoots.
5. Have an amazing Aunt and Uncle who are willing to help out with a spaghetti feed to raise funds.
6. Make “Headbands for Hillsong”.

If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.  I am hoping you guys can keep me accountable this year to buy NO new clothes, shoes, purses, or any frillies that are just so fun to buy 🙂

Love, hugs, and prayer,

PS: Headbands for Hillsong will hopefully be launching this week! Stay tuned.
PPS: Comment with your favorite Starbucks Coffee Bean, or Tea bag!! I will be giving away TWO pounds a month to my readers 🙂

Mmmm Free Coffee Tastes The Best


The Next Adventure.

This July I have the opportunity to attend Hillsong College in Sydney, Australia!  Tuition is around $5,200 for the year and if you wanted to “walk” to my apartment it would take you 185 days to get there (Side note: Google says there are some missing sidewalks and ferries you will need to take).  In the heart of Sydney I will be studying musicianship, worship leading, songwriting, and the theology of worship for a full year.  It should seem unbelievable, but I really feel in the depths of my heart that I am supposed to go.  If I am not, I am sure it will be made clear to me the more I pursue it.

So, why I am going to Hillsong College?:
I have wanted to attend Hillsong since I was a junior in college.  It felt like a great goal for my future, but it remained a dream.  When I doubted that I should go there, God brought people into my life who consistently asked me how it was going and why I hadn’t applied yet.   Early last year I attended an info meeting that was held in Sacramento.  They cut the application fee in half for people who attended the meeting to $100.  I had $100 cash in my wallet (That is NOT normal).  I took it as confirmation to apply.

About a month ago, I got a letter that I had been accepted into the July 2012 school year.

Leading worship at a church in Arizona 2010

I started my blog last year with a love for blogging, but an uncertainty if my blog would ever hold a theme.   Now I have a purpose to blog….to keep you guys updated on this adventure to the Great Down Under!  One thing I know, I am in my element when I sing.  I am in the Lord’s element when I lead worship, and so I hope that this could be preparing me for something greater than I can imagine.  Thank you for your prayers and your support that you have already shown.
Love, Hugs, and Prayer,