Dear Getty,

First encounter with the Owl - July 2010

Dear little sis,
You are my favorite little Owl.  I think about you constantly and I wish  I could see you constantly.  Over a year ago I met with your mom in the hospital.  We were whispering because you were sleeping so soundly in a giant hospital crib that made you look so teeny.  SMA was becoming a reality as you recovered from a surgery that would allow you to eat without choking.  You were getting your g-tube put in.  For whatever reason, the California International Marathon came up, I can’t even remember why, but it got us talking and thinking ‘what if there was a Team Getty?’  I told her I would run it.  And I knew some others who would also.  We could actually have our own Team Getty running in the race!  

Your mom had an image appear in her head, she could see a large sea of blue.  All running for you. And the sea of blue would carry itself down the 26.2 mile route to the capitol.  I loved it as I imagined it with her.

Over a year later I am sitting in Starbucks, the day before I will run my first marathon.  And what I have realized is that your mom’s vision will come true tomorrow.  The 2011 CIM coordinators made the CIM shirt in a light blue.  Because runners are bound to wear the race shirts on race day, there will surely be a sea, a sea of runners all ages, in your color…light blue.   Your mom wanted to be running with us tomorrow, but she loves you so much that she subsituted her training time for time with her beloved over the last year. She and your dad love you so much, so though I am running for and because of you, I would also like to represent your mom and dad in this race.  We may never understand what it’s like to have an SMA baby, but we will fight for you baby girl.  I will keep my thoughts on you tomorrow as my feet carry me to the finish line raising money for your cure. 

Sweet dreams little one,
We fight more than a finish to the end of the race, we fight to end SMA.
Love your big sister 🙂



  1. Morgan,
    We cannot thank you enough for becoming a part of our family. Your commitment and love to your little sissy is such a sweet relationship. Thank you for all of your kind words. And now here we are, the night before the marathon. What I believe in my heart is that you will be running for Getty and as a result of running 26.2 miles it will show you that you can climb any mountain when you put your heart into it. We are all so proud of you. Looking forward to seeing you at the finish line.

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