Happy 40th Birthday Coach.

Five Years ago we celebrated Coach U’s 35th birthday.  The “Mafia” made up of Chris, Sam, and I, decorated his room and surprised him before he even got to school .  Kenzie was with us too 🙂 We were let in his classroom by the janitor and once inside, stayed until he got there.  I had my nanny kids paint him posters that said “Happy Birthday” the day before.  He was their Uncle Kaleo.  We baked him cupcakes and made him wear a Cars birthday cap 🙂 We lined his door with streamers, kind of like a web so he would have to break through them as he entered the classroom.  Once we saw his truck pull in we blasted Jack Johnson’s Curious George.  He was like “what the?” as he broke through the streamers.  All worth it.  Miss you Coach. Thanks for the times we had. 

Coach U's 35th Birthday. 2006.



Happy 40th Birthday Coach. (Before Cleaning).


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