Month: October 2011

With Axxie before her shots.

New Job: Barista at Bucks : )

Fighting for Getty Owl


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We are growing up.

I have been through a lot of changes in my life, who hasn’t?  As a twenty two year old though, I often fear change.  Maybe its not fear, but extreme resistance which causes anxiety and sass 😉 .  This is the process I seem to go through: anticipate the change, fear change, go thru a hell of a lot of anxiety to get through it, and then adjust.  I wish there were an easier way.  A lot of times the change is good because God knows better than I do.
It is odd how your view on life changes as you age.  I was shocked while looking at pictures I recently took for Madi’s homecoming pictures – my baby sister!  Kenzie and I snuck into a couple, we were having a blast.  But seriously, how does our little chubby cheeked “Piglet” who adored Winnie the Pooh, grow into a beautiful 6’2″ SENIOR in HIGH SCHOOL!? It makes me feel OLD.  I wonder how she will adjust to new changes after high school, she’s already been through her own wave of change.

I am learning you can’t really live your life looking back at the past and wishing things were the same then, as they are now.  Some of the past really sucks anyway, why go back?  I am learning each day to become stronger, and that change can be embraced and can be good.  That without change you can’t meet new people, like Getty, you miss out new experiences, like college, and you cant love; because you’re stuck in the past.  So its hard sometimes, but it’s good too.  I can’t believe how much we are growing up.

Kenz and I are making fun of how people pose these days. I felt like I was breaking my back.

I guess some things neverrrrr change 🙂