Month: September 2011

Bok’s House for Dinner.

Met up in Auburn with my other mom, Lisa.  We were just getting together, kind of celebrating Lisa’s birthday, but kind  of just getting together.  So happy that my sister and brother (inlaw) came.  And of course they brought there wittle babies, who bring me such joy. We barbecued some meat and had some salad.  It was good food and good talks and good friends.

I know I look like a piece, but I liked how Axxie was looking at me.


Axxie Visits Her Aunties @ Jessup For the First Time!

Jessup has been a second home to me, and it was so fun taking Zykah in to meet my other family after he was born.  Yesterday I got to steal Axlynn away while Z boy was sleeping and take her to meet her WJU Aunties.  She was talking to me in the car on the way home and told me how much she LOVED them right before she started to let me know she was hungry and doze off into sleep.  We had a great time as you can see below 🙂 (Aunties not pictured: Mary, Bethany, Kitty, Lisa, and Lynnford 😉

Half Marathon : I did it!

Updates on life::::
I ran my first Half Marathon!! In honor of Miss Getty Emelia Storm.  We raised over $800 and I ran with over 15,000 others in DISNEYLAND> myself dressed as the Little Mermaid.  It is quite amusing running in a tutu, “seashells”, and sparkly green shoes. The race itself amazed me and challenged me, and made me want to push my body harder, and be even stronger for the marathon in December. is what I used to raise money for research for SMA.  The website allows people to make donations directly to your charity.  It also allowed me to post to facebook thru twitter and keep my sponsors updated on race info etc (   I had some amazing people donate giveaways that encouraged people to give back to Getty Owl Foundation  ( .  I cannot wait to see how Crowdrise works for the marathon, and I hope I have a lot more runners working on it.  I love seeing people come together for a cause, especially for Getty who has stolen ALL of our hearts : )

Thank you Getty for giving my life purpose, and motivating me to get my booty in shape. I love you Bebe Owl!!!
Here are a couple pictures : )

The picture I stopped to take in Disneyland with the Little Mermaid display 🙂

Here is a little recap of the half marathon journey I ran:

Starting Line: Nerves. “Am I really going to do this?” running through my head…”I can do this for Getty, okay here we go!”
Mile 1: Jogging into the Sunrise – beautiful.  Enter California Land!
 Mile 2: Passed the Hollywood Tower of Terror, & Hollywood in CAland, Tron Dancers – my FAV.
Mile 3: Enter Disneyland!!! Through Frontier land I think? Into Tomorrow land, Dinsey worker twirling around a light saber, into Fantasyland (my fav).
 Mile 4: Finish out through backstage Disneyland. Hello horsies!
 Mile 5: Woohoo! I made it! That went by fast, ok, getting closer to half way.

The time is not accurate, I got pushed to the last wave of runners 😉

Mile 6: My legs are starting to feel a little tired. Whens the next water station?? Anaheim streets are FILLED with fans.

Mile 7: Stopped for the bathroom, hula dancers helped me fix my tutu 🙂 YES OVER half way! I can do this, right Getty??
Mile 8: Okay, legs, dont fail me we can do this! Passed a pretty water duct area.  When do we get to go into the A’s Stadium?
Mile 9: Hello A’s (Angels) stadium!! Wait, what? THERE ARE TONS OF PEOPLE in the stands cheering for us?? Goosebumps…Hey Im on the big screen 🙂  4 more miles? I got this fool!
Mile 10: aye yi yi…3 more, thats easy, thats a baby 5k. Getty!!!!!!!!
Mile 11: People all around me limping, super painful to watch, and its killing me. 2 more miles? Okay thats about 4-5 more songs? I got this, right Getty!?? Right. Hooot hoot!
Mile 12: Fricken A…my knees are killing me..Okay those girls are stretching, I think that might help me finish strong? <2min stretch break> LEGGO! Pained face…One foot in front of the other, dont stop till you get there, go legs go. Patted an older runner lady on the back “you can do this sister!” She was grabbing her sides…ouchies…
Mile 13: .1 miles to go I GOT THIS. Lets go little owl. Carry me to the end.  Tons of people cheering us on…tears swelling up in my eyes…Getty its gonna happen!

Mile 13.1: YES! Getty, we did it sister 🙂

EDUCATE YOURSELF ON SMA….We are in this fight together!:

What is SMA?

Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is an inherited disease that causes progressive muscle degeneration and weakness. Infants, like Getty, with SMA Type 1, the most severe type of SMA, are born with very little muscle tone and weak muscles. They develop feeding and breathing problems as the weakness gets worse over time. The weakness eventually becomes severe.

There is no cure or treatment for SMA. The lifespan with SMA is seldom longer than 2 – 3 years.

  • SMA is the #1 genetic killer of young children.
  • SMA is estimated to occur in nearly 1 out of every 6,000 births.
  • 1 in every 40 people, or nearly 10 million Americans, UNKNOWINGLY carries the gene responsible for SMA. Few have any known family history.
  • SMA is a pan-ethnic disease and does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, or gender.
  • There is currently no treatment and no cure, but the National Institutes of Health (NIH) selected SMA as the disease closest to treatment of more than 600 neurological disorders.
  • Researchers estimate that a viable treatment and/or cure is attainable IF provided adequate resources.
  • The American College of Medical Genetics recommends that SMA carrier testing be made available to ALL couples planning a family, regardless of ethnicity or family history.
  • SMA does not affect the mind.