Why didnt I dye my hair brown earlier?????? I think I was always meant to be one, I mean for crying out loud, God gave me almost BLACK eye brows, with blonde hair? He knew I was going to need a change.  And I actually love it, I feel like I get more respect oddly enough, and if (at this point) I throw on my raybands, NO ONE knows its me…and thats awesome.  Here is a pic with me and my cheeky babes Getty. Love her with all my heart.  She is the reason I am running a half and a full marathon this year.  A week from today I will probably be crapping myself as I get ready and get to bed only to wake up at THREE AM to get to the race by 4:30 am and to start the race by 6 am. HOLY CRAP! Ok lets do Looking for a new generation iPod to borrow so I can video part of the race…Any takers? Owl necklace up for grabs, I am desperate to document!!!


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