The other night I had a dream I was in a car accident. Mckenzie, who is always with me in my car accident dreams, was there, and this time so was Madi.  I was backing up and was not able to reach my brake and could only hit the gas.  Someone driving towards me at the same time ran into me.  I felt the impact and cringed.  Instantly my back started to become numb and the side of my face felt numb.  It felt so real. This lady knocked on my window to see if we were alright, the girls were, but everything was sounding echoey to me.  I said “no I am not alright, can’t you see my ear is bleeding..”  She said, “oh your deaf? Ok! That’s ok!”.
“No! Im not deaf, cant you see the blood, hello? I am really hurt, don’t you see the swelling?”


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