Broken down heart.

What is going on…This month has been so heavy.  My dear roomie lost her 26 year old brother in a tragic car crash…2 weeks later I lose a classmate from High School…22 years old…on her honeymoon.  I am at a loss for words and understanding.  Who knows the answers to “Why would God let this happen?” or “What did they do wrong to deserve this?”  My brain hurts.  I don’t have the answers, just a broken heart.  I feel like God will redeem these situations, just don’t know how or when.  It is very difficult to see your friends around you aching, and yearning for their loved ones.  The only thing I feel will help is prayer, time, more prayer, and love and support.  Nothing can fill the hole in their hearts.  But our hearts slowly learn how to function with the hole of a missing loved one.

Rest with Jesus Baby Girl ❤ Crystal Rodriguez 1989-2011

Stephen your family aches for you. Too soon brother. A hui hou kakou malama pono.


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