Photo Shoot Me.

May 2010 - Finals Week.

So last year 2 weeks before finals I was shooting a Senior Portrait session for a good friend when I came in contact for the first time with Mr. Poison Oak.  During finals I was really struggling to focus as my WHOLE body was itching.  Okay my arms and legs.  But they got real bad.  You can see in the picture above, bruising from scratching in my sleep.  There was a spot on my leg that seemed to be the mother of all rashes and from there on it spread like wildfire.  3 weeks after school ended I think I was free of it all, with some cool scaring.

Now fast forward to Finals Week 2011…I was on another photo shoot for MY senior photos when some nasty little tick thought it would be cool to burrow itself into my foot. NASTY.  The problem was I didn’t know it was a tick until it was all the way burrowed in too deep to pull out.

Surgical Steps: 1.  Blast Freeze Foot   2.Insert shot of Novocain   3.Use a creepy circle blade and cut section of foot.   4. Lift up donut shape skin and cut it out   5.Send tick to lab   6.Stitch up foot.

The doctor cutting the tick out....ick (Monday)

So I left the doctors office in as high of spirits as I could.  The tick was out! And the tetanus shot didn’t hurt that bad.  They prescribed me Doxicycline to take precautions if the tick had any disease.

1 day into the antibiotics and my body started breaking out into hives.  On my neck.
The doctors believe I am allergic to Doxicycline.  Now I am off Doxi, and onto another antibiotic.

But the rash continues to spread even though I have been downing Benadryl.  Even though I am on a new antibiotic,  it won’t help with the rash.  Looking forward to being clear skinned again.  I have rashes on my neck, arms, hips, legs, feet, and stomach.  It is not the end of the world, but it sure is itchy and distracting!

Tick removed. The black thing is the stitch. YUCK.

On the bright side : ) The pictures turned out fabulous.  Announcements coming soon : )


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