The Hipster Hippy.

Sometimes when I’m that bored, and I mean super bored, I play with my hairstyles.  I always try to put my sisters thinking cap on (She is an amazingly gifted hair stylist) and I try to create or recreate things I’ve seen.  Another inspiration of mine is Maegan from LoveMaegan.  She put up some very helpful hair tutorials. I wish my hair was like hers!  So I was playing around with the curling iron and then slipped on a Bottle of Clouds headband.  They have seriously the CUTEST stuff 🙂 I can’t wait to revisit them at the Getty Crafty Fair (JUNE 11th!!!!).  I actually feel like that’s all I will spend my mulah on 😉

Anyways, here’s the hippy pics peeps!

Can't touch this.

The year of the two...the twenty two..


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