Allergies do not go with runways.

Oh. my. word.  Where did these allergies come from?  I am dying.  Can’t breathe, and my face is so itchy…it feels swollen.  No bueno.  My friend recently, and so kindly sent me some local honey, which is supposed to help, so I need to start taking some of that once a day.

Also just wanted to post a picture of my new dress from Tante 🙂 She got it for me for my birthday.

New dress from Tante 🙂

Also, was in  a fashion show of used clothes that were going to be sold to help battered women with children.  Even though i felt completely out of place and nervous, my friend Jess and I did our walk down the runway. lol….seriously was laughing the whole time, I think you can see it in my face too.

My first fashion show.

Jessie's first fashion show.

Fitting the Bill

Jessie, Rebecca (Our Prof and CMT) and I at the Garden Tea Luncheon at Bayside of Auburn


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