Work Out Wednesday = WOW…yay :)

This might be my new favorite part of the blog….work out wednesday… 🙂 At least it will keep me accountable for working out!…So today…Holy cow. 8 minutes of pure burning in your abs.  Check out the vid below.  The only thing is, I am not a fan of the crunches that involve your neck movement.  I prefer planks or other sorts of “non-crunch” ab workouts.  Try this out for yourself though. Can you tough it out for 8 minutes? I felt like I was back in elementary school taking my physical fitness test along to the tape recorder singing out “Up…down…up…down..up” and so on.  What if that was your job to make those recordings? Haha.  Anyway.  Happy Wednesday…Get your workout on it helps with stress!  Endorphins people-for free!


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