I will never say goodbye.

Mer.  I was looking for my Bible, curious about a passage (1King 17- I was reading another blog that mentioned it) and I found my Bible in my trunk…It has no business being in my trunk, but it was.  I am sad to say, the oil in my trunk spilled all over it…so I had to give it a proper burial.  I wasn’t sure if you could/should throw away a Bible, but I think God values my health.  Also, I do feel bad for ruining this Bible because (it’s God’s word) but my parents gave it to me when I was 14.  It was my favorite Christmas present because they had embelished my name on the front.   Gah I feel guilty!
I grabbed my cam and took picture memories, and I feel a lot better now.  I put the Bible in my latest shoe box (still nice and sharp looking) and I “burried” it lol.

The note from Mum and Dad

My name embellished.


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