Hey sister, soul sister.

So Miss Getty turned 1 last Friday.  All I have to say to that is PRAISE the Lord.  I was reading a statistic last week that said, “30% of SMA babies make it to their first birthday, and 15% make it to their second”.  I am not okay with this! But Getty is winning her battle right now.  So we must fight harder to find the cure for SMA.  Here is a picture of my little sista on her birthday:
On Tuesday, my beloved Auntie Ang turned 26.  In her birthday card I let her know, I am not sure how she came out as my Aunt, because surely I view her as a sister! So another happy birthday to Angie! You are not old dear girl! We are still below 30! Here is a picture of us when we were just little gals:

Me at age 2?, Meg-4, Ang-6. Who is that baby??

And another Happy Birthday shout out to my DEAR sis Kenzie 🙂 She has been my twin since she was born 🙂 She looked quite lovely at her birthday dinner, but unfortunately (just like me) was sick on her birthday 😦 Get better Konce! By the way, she has always been my favorite model to shoot….why? BECAUSE SHE’S BEAUTIFUL 🙂 🙂 Love you sis! Happy Birthday and welcome to your Twenty’s baby!


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