Month: April 2011

Here Comes Axxie :)

I blocked out our address but I designed this! 🙂


Bad Dreams…Bad Sleep…

Last night I had a dream that my throat was swelling shut.  I was trying to keep calm in my discomfort so the situation wouldn’t escalate, but nothing could help.  The people in the room told me I would be alright but I knew I wasn’t…I woke up in an awkward position with my pillow on my neck…freaked me out…then when I woke up that morning I had no idea where I was.  Discomfort.

The Hipster Hippy.

Sometimes when I’m that bored, and I mean super bored, I play with my hairstyles.  I always try to put my sisters thinking cap on (She is an amazingly gifted hair stylist) and I try to create or recreate things I’ve seen.  Another inspiration of mine is Maegan from LoveMaegan.  She put up some very helpful hair tutorials. I wish my hair was like hers!  So I was playing around with the curling iron and then slipped on a Bottle of Clouds headband.  They have seriously the CUTEST stuff 🙂 I can’t wait to revisit them at the Getty Crafty Fair (JUNE 11th!!!!).  I actually feel like that’s all I will spend my mulah on 😉

Anyways, here’s the hippy pics peeps!

Can't touch this.

The year of the two...the twenty two..

Allergies do not go with runways.

Oh. my. word.  Where did these allergies come from?  I am dying.  Can’t breathe, and my face is so itchy…it feels swollen.  No bueno.  My friend recently, and so kindly sent me some local honey, which is supposed to help, so I need to start taking some of that once a day.

Also just wanted to post a picture of my new dress from Tante 🙂 She got it for me for my birthday.

New dress from Tante 🙂

Also, was in  a fashion show of used clothes that were going to be sold to help battered women with children.  Even though i felt completely out of place and nervous, my friend Jess and I did our walk down the runway. lol….seriously was laughing the whole time, I think you can see it in my face too.

My first fashion show.

Jessie's first fashion show.

Fitting the Bill

Jessie, Rebecca (Our Prof and CMT) and I at the Garden Tea Luncheon at Bayside of Auburn

Work Out Wednesday = WOW…yay :)

This might be my new favorite part of the blog….work out wednesday… 🙂 At least it will keep me accountable for working out!…So today…Holy cow. 8 minutes of pure burning in your abs.  Check out the vid below.  The only thing is, I am not a fan of the crunches that involve your neck movement.  I prefer planks or other sorts of “non-crunch” ab workouts.  Try this out for yourself though. Can you tough it out for 8 minutes? I felt like I was back in elementary school taking my physical fitness test along to the tape recorder singing out “Up…down…up…down..up” and so on.  What if that was your job to make those recordings? Haha.  Anyway.  Happy Wednesday…Get your workout on it helps with stress!  Endorphins people-for free!

Miss Morgan.

So I’ve began my Student Teaching at my second placement. Which I love. It is in an impoverished area.  These kids are going through hell.  If they have one parent at home for part of the time that they’re not in school, they can consider themselves privileged.  These kids already fight their way through life.  I love them.  I told myself I wouldn’t go into teaching right after college, but if this school offered me a 1st grade class…I would take it in a heartbeat.  Lupe Fiasco’s song makes me want to fight harder for these kids.

One in the air for the people ain’t here
Two in the air for the father that’s there
Three in the air for the kids in the ghetto
Four for the kids that don’t wanna be there
None for the bastards tryna hold them back
Five in the air for the teachers not scared
To tell those kids that’s livin’ in the ghetto
That those holdin’ back that the world is theirs
Yeah, yeah, the world is yours, I was once that little boy
Terrified of the world, now I’m on a world tour
I will give up everything, even start a world war
For these ghetto girls and boys I’m rappin’ ’round the world for
Africa to New York, Haiti, then I detour
Oakland out to Auckland, Gaza Strip to Detroit
Say hip-hop only destroy, tell ’em look at me, boy
I hope your son don’t have a gun and never be a D-boy