February Happenings.

Holy Crap. How cute can she get? (Nikon D90)

I’m currently at Urban Bistro in downtown Sacramento waiting for a meeting at Starbucks across the street.  I will hopefully be meeting up with somebody from Hillsong College to discuss school over coffee!  I am praying a lot about attending Hillsong, so I hope this meeting will make some things clear.  I also started out with Michael Hall Photography today.  They are a company that shoots at volleyball tournaments.  They have taken pictures of me since I was about 11 years old (playing vball)!  So today I had a trial run shooting some of the next wave of volleyball players.  It’s hard, but a fun challenge!
Had a walk/run with Irene yesterday in Yuba.   Our shirts said “My Little Sister is Cuter Than Yours” and “I Give a Hoot! Check Me Out!” with the GettyOwl website listed 🙂  I am so excited for Getty’s birthday in 1 month! Got lots of work to do to pull this “present” off 🙂



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