What happens in Vegas…for me-can be blogged :)

So instead of getting ready for bed, I am going to quickly recap my trip to Vegas!  We started the drive a little late last Friday and began driving at 4 pm.  We got to the Hard Rock Hotel at 2:30 in the morning, which was apparently a prime time to be awake and partying.  I was very happy when we were able to shut and lock our hotel room door and just snooze.  Maddie’s team played at 2 pm the next day.  I was a bit tired Saturday, but we got to sleep ALOT on Sunday morning so I was more caught up.  Monday we had to check out, but the hotel wasn’t accepting cash at the time so I drove Maddie 45 minutes to her tournament, 45 min back to the hotel just to check out, then 45 minutes back to the school she was playing at.  My day started at 6:30 am.  After she was done with her games I tried to find the MnM store for us to visit real quickly, but our GPS hated us and we just got lost and confused.  I was ultra tired at this point so I decided we should chillax at a Starbucks for a half hour so I could fuel up and just relax before the next 10 hours, or so I thought.  To make a long story short, the first half of the trip was spent in bumper to bumper traffic until we cleared Bakersfield so Maddie and I had a couple extra stops here and there.  Here are the pictures we got 🙂

In the middle of nowhere. Self Timer - Nikon D50

Just being cool - Self Timer Nikon D50

Here's for Getty girl (wanna sponsor me?)

Trying to cause trouble to stay out of trouble. Oh Vegas.

Sisters...Loving the time we shared! Self Timer-Nikon D50

I didn’t make it home til 4 am on Tuesday.  Just saying for someone who has fallen asleep on the road during a 2 hour trip, I was proud of myself for setting a new record and growing to be a long distance driver!


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