The Big Question is…Answered?

Oh man, I feel for all graduating seniors in college.  The question of, “So what’s next?” … Kill me now.  I even had one person ask me, “what are you even going to do with your life?”  Do I not have hopes and dreams?  Of course I do, but some many things can happen from now until then.
The cool thing for me is that I think the big question has been answered 🙂 I have had a lot of fears about taking this next step after college, but just recently completely felt free of them.  Wow!? I can’t believe it.  So what am I going to do? I am going to apply to attend Hillsong United School of Worship in 2012.  Thank you to all of the people who have affirmed me in going for this and encouraged me.  I am going to give it shot, pray through it, and see what the Lord decides for my life.  If this is not the path, I know he will open up some other doors for me 🙂

Could this be what's in store for 2012? Photo by



  1. Hi there just wanted to drop a line and encourage you to go for it. I live in Sydney and Hillsong is quite an amazing church who do great things for the community as well. good for you.

    1. Jacq,
      It is nice to meet you. THANK YOU for your encouragment. It just serves as further confirmation. Maybe some day I’ll get to meet you if I attend there 🙂 Just today I had a close friend tell me that they would like to help me get there. God is taking care of me and it is so amazing. Appreciate your comment,

      Morgan 🙂

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