Month: February 2011

February Happenings.

Holy Crap. How cute can she get? (Nikon D90)

I’m currently at Urban Bistro in downtown Sacramento waiting for a meeting at Starbucks across the street.  I will hopefully be meeting up with somebody from Hillsong College to discuss school over coffee!  I am praying a lot about attending Hillsong, so I hope this meeting will make some things clear.  I also started out with Michael Hall Photography today.  They are a company that shoots at volleyball tournaments.  They have taken pictures of me since I was about 11 years old (playing vball)!  So today I had a trial run shooting some of the next wave of volleyball players.  It’s hard, but a fun challenge!
Had a walk/run with Irene yesterday in Yuba.   Our shirts said “My Little Sister is Cuter Than Yours” and “I Give a Hoot! Check Me Out!” with the GettyOwl website listed 🙂  I am so excited for Getty’s birthday in 1 month! Got lots of work to do to pull this “present” off 🙂


What happens in Vegas…for me-can be blogged :)

So instead of getting ready for bed, I am going to quickly recap my trip to Vegas!  We started the drive a little late last Friday and began driving at 4 pm.  We got to the Hard Rock Hotel at 2:30 in the morning, which was apparently a prime time to be awake and partying.  I was very happy when we were able to shut and lock our hotel room door and just snooze.  Maddie’s team played at 2 pm the next day.  I was a bit tired Saturday, but we got to sleep ALOT on Sunday morning so I was more caught up.  Monday we had to check out, but the hotel wasn’t accepting cash at the time so I drove Maddie 45 minutes to her tournament, 45 min back to the hotel just to check out, then 45 minutes back to the school she was playing at.  My day started at 6:30 am.  After she was done with her games I tried to find the MnM store for us to visit real quickly, but our GPS hated us and we just got lost and confused.  I was ultra tired at this point so I decided we should chillax at a Starbucks for a half hour so I could fuel up and just relax before the next 10 hours, or so I thought.  To make a long story short, the first half of the trip was spent in bumper to bumper traffic until we cleared Bakersfield so Maddie and I had a couple extra stops here and there.  Here are the pictures we got 🙂

In the middle of nowhere. Self Timer - Nikon D50

Just being cool - Self Timer Nikon D50

Here's for Getty girl (wanna sponsor me?)

Trying to cause trouble to stay out of trouble. Oh Vegas.

Sisters...Loving the time we shared! Self Timer-Nikon D50

I didn’t make it home til 4 am on Tuesday.  Just saying for someone who has fallen asleep on the road during a 2 hour trip, I was proud of myself for setting a new record and growing to be a long distance driver!

A Dream of Hope.

Last night, as I was snoozing away I had a dream.  A dream about my little sister Miss Getty.  Getty has SMA type 1 (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), a disease with no cure, one that often takes the life of the child before they reach the age of 2.  But the research that is going on in the Spinal arena is very close to finding a cure for SMA.  I am still learning more about all these things, but the point is, they are close.
So last night in my dream Miss Getty was about 3 years old.  She was as darling as she has been this entire time just a little older and a little taller.  Right now Getty lies on her side to help her breathe better, so I was holding Getty that way.  And I was talking to her and loving her.  It’s always magical with Getty.  I set her on the couch to go fetch something from the other room and when I returned Getty was sitting up.  Puzzled, I looked at her and said, “Getty girl, we need to get you back on your side little one”.  She hopped off the couch.  I swooped down to pick her up to check on her, to make sure she was breathing.  She was.  I set her down and she hopped off the couch again and took a step towards me.  I kneeled down to her level and took her little hands and shook them a bit.  I was testing her muscle ability.  She just looked at me and smiled.  I could not believe my eyes.  Getty was all better.
I cannot believe how much love I have for Getty.  My heart swells when I think about her.  I am so proud to know such a life changing little girl.  I know that “So and so makes me a better person” is somewhat of a cliche, but only until you experience it.  Getty is a blessing to my life, one I thank God for everyday.  Looking forward to capturing her little face tomorrow 🙂

Getty Owl December 2010

A new do?

I am considering getting bangs.  And when I thought of blogging about that the first title that came to my mind was, “To bang, or not to bang?”….aaah….decided against it once I gave it a little more thought :/
Anyway, I swooped my bangs over the other night and bobby pinned them.  Not the exact look I’m thinking of, but an attempt as something different…We shall see if anything ever becomes of this idea.  My current bangs reach my ponytail at this point, so it’s been a while.  Will be, of course, turning to my gifted sister when it comes time to meet Mr. Scissors.  PS- I picked my sister up for our trip to Vegas, and she had the bangs I was thinking of…beat me to it!  Oh well 🙂 We’ll see what Meg thinks!

Maddie all snatching up my bangs 🙂

Oh Valentine’s Day.

Someday I will look forward to this day : / I look forward to that day.  But for now, this is my reality…and so life will be alright.   I have a lot of cool things to post, but I think I will call it a night.  Up next on the blog: Another race, a friend with a way faster pace, and a bunch of new Team Getty Runners.  Stay tuned ; ) Oh and the Aunthood hits the 1 year anniversary!

"It's A Big World Out There" by: Morgan Saunders

Vegas or Bust (my bank).

Taking my sister to Vegas for an athletic event.  We were going to hop on a commercial airliner until I saw the price…just under $1,000 for Maddie and I to fly! What the expensive? So I think I am going to rent a nice little car to cruise the desert and get her to her tournament.   Not to thrilled about going to “The City of Sin” but I will do my best to treat it as a mini vacation.  Will be pumping my blood with Redbulls and good tunes.  Kind of looking forward to it in  a way 😉
I will have to take some pictures during our trip!

The Big Question is…Answered?

Oh man, I feel for all graduating seniors in college.  The question of, “So what’s next?” … Kill me now.  I even had one person ask me, “what are you even going to do with your life?”  Do I not have hopes and dreams?  Of course I do, but some many things can happen from now until then.
The cool thing for me is that I think the big question has been answered 🙂 I have had a lot of fears about taking this next step after college, but just recently completely felt free of them.  Wow!? I can’t believe it.  So what am I going to do? I am going to apply to attend Hillsong United School of Worship in 2012.  Thank you to all of the people who have affirmed me in going for this and encouraged me.  I am going to give it shot, pray through it, and see what the Lord decides for my life.  If this is not the path, I know he will open up some other doors for me 🙂

Could this be what's in store for 2012? Photo by