My First Race of The Year – Crossed the Finish Line!

I was excited to run my first race of the year for Miss Getty Owl today!  I was also nervous about sucking because my training had not gone exactly as planned (I know it was only a 5k, but Im not much of a runner).  Part of this was due to wearing heels which sparked up my tendinitis.  When you have tendinitis in your foot, it seriously feels like you are walking on a broken foot.  The cure = R.I.C.E. (Rest, ice, compression, and Europe elevation).  I rested as much as I could, but Friday I took a walk, and upon walking “different” than usual because of the tendinitis, scored 3 small blisters, one GIANT blister on my heel, and 1 blood blister.  I was wondering Friday night if I would make it past the finish line.   But this run was not about me, this run was for Baby Getty!  I ran the 5k in 30 min, which put me at 9:54 per mile pace.
To spread awareness, we wore t-shirts that said “Check Me Out –”  I wonder how many people went and checked it out 🙂 Also saw my Grandpa Kevin and Grandma Julie there!  And my girl CoCo came out to support me, crossing the finish line I heard, “Go Marge!!”  Looking forward to running the Valentine Run with Grandpa Kevin!


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