The Pieces Come Together :) 2011.

So the other night I dreamt that I was running a marathon in…Disneyland!  And it was amazing.   And I took first place in the women’s division and I got this huge banner.  Oh yeah, did I mention that I sprinted mile 26? ROFL.  But anyway, it was just a dream.  So I told my co-workers about this dream and thought, that would actually be really fun!  One of them told me there actually is something like that at Disneyland so I instantly searched on google.  Low and behold (whatever that phrase means) there is a half marathon there in September! How visually stimulating would it be to run around Disneyland??  So since this year is dedicated to running in order to help STOP SMA, I think I will run this race.  But I wanted to ask Miss Getty and this is what her Momma said: “Sounds great! We would love to take Getty to meet Mickey and to help cheer you on.”  Could this get any better?
About 2 years ago I went to Disneyland and saw that a Little Mermaid ride was being built and would be finished in 2011.  I took a picture next to it and thought, “I’ll be back!”  and it turns out I will.  So awesome.  Team Getty Runners 2011! Wahoo!

Back in 2009.


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