Month: January 2011

Music Video Review for You.

I am obsessed with music videos.  I feel they have the ability to speak such a powerful message, stronger than a photograph.  So I think I’ll review some here and there, just to get it out of my system.

Video: Sweet Disposition
Artist: The Temper Trap
Grade: C+
Love the song.  The video is a little crazy for my taste.  But the song is great!


My First Race of The Year – Crossed the Finish Line!

I was excited to run my first race of the year for Miss Getty Owl today!  I was also nervous about sucking because my training had not gone exactly as planned (I know it was only a 5k, but Im not much of a runner).  Part of this was due to wearing heels which sparked up my tendinitis.  When you have tendinitis in your foot, it seriously feels like you are walking on a broken foot.  The cure = R.I.C.E. (Rest, ice, compression, and Europe elevation).  I rested as much as I could, but Friday I took a walk, and upon walking “different” than usual because of the tendinitis, scored 3 small blisters, one GIANT blister on my heel, and 1 blood blister.  I was wondering Friday night if I would make it past the finish line.   But this run was not about me, this run was for Baby Getty!  I ran the 5k in 30 min, which put me at 9:54 per mile pace.
To spread awareness, we wore t-shirts that said “Check Me Out –”  I wonder how many people went and checked it out 🙂 Also saw my Grandpa Kevin and Grandma Julie there!  And my girl CoCo came out to support me, crossing the finish line I heard, “Go Marge!!”  Looking forward to running the Valentine Run with Grandpa Kevin!

The Pieces Come Together :) 2011.

So the other night I dreamt that I was running a marathon in…Disneyland!  And it was amazing.   And I took first place in the women’s division and I got this huge banner.  Oh yeah, did I mention that I sprinted mile 26? ROFL.  But anyway, it was just a dream.  So I told my co-workers about this dream and thought, that would actually be really fun!  One of them told me there actually is something like that at Disneyland so I instantly searched on google.  Low and behold (whatever that phrase means) there is a half marathon there in September! How visually stimulating would it be to run around Disneyland??  So since this year is dedicated to running in order to help STOP SMA, I think I will run this race.  But I wanted to ask Miss Getty and this is what her Momma said: “Sounds great! We would love to take Getty to meet Mickey and to help cheer you on.”  Could this get any better?
About 2 years ago I went to Disneyland and saw that a Little Mermaid ride was being built and would be finished in 2011.  I took a picture next to it and thought, “I’ll be back!”  and it turns out I will.  So awesome.  Team Getty Runners 2011! Wahoo!

Back in 2009.

The Million Dollar Question of the Day:

Megs is at the doctors with my mom at her ultrasound to find out if she’s having a baby boy or a baby girl.  I am kind of expecting a little boy, and can’t wait for either one!  Zykah has been such a joy added to our family and I call him my little smile maker.  So…

Is it  a BOY or a GIRL?

The Results Just Came In: ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the Auntie is excited! So many new experiences now that they’re having a girl!


Last Night – I found my fight.

Yesterday I flew down to LA for dinner…No this is not a normal occurrence for me..ha ha..But I had the privilege of attending “A Night of Hope” in honor of Baby Hannah’s life.  The Gala’s focus centered around raising awareness for Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a disease I was introduced to just last year, at age 21, even though it is the #1 genetic killer of children under the age of 2.  Seriously?  I became aware of this horrific disease after one of my favorite little baby subjects, Miss Getty Storm, was diagnosed at 4 months.  Though Getty lives with this disease day in and day out, she has changed lives.  She is the reason, one of the very precious reasons, that I am on board to fight.  There is so much hope that we will find the cure for SMA, and last night I knew in my heart that this was what I am supposed to be doing.  So Getty, count me in. We will be fighting till the ugly SMA is gone, and cured.
At the Gala I met Alex and Angela from “The Damnwells”, an AMAZING band, who dedicated their latest album to our precious girl – Sweet Water Child: Lullabies for Getty – I cannot wait to buy my copy.  100% of the proceeds benefit Getty’s family and SMA research.

I cannot emphasize how important the research is right now, we are potentially on the brink of a cure.  That makes me want to fight that much harder.  Below I am proudly standing next to Vincent Gaynor, co-founder of Sophia’s Cure.  His wife, Catherine, and him are fighting with everything they have.  Their daughter Sophia, who is 21 months is fighting the disease just like Getty.  I cannot wait to end this disease.  Watch out SMA!

Me and Vinny from Sophia’s Cure

The Album Cover.

So there’s this new fad on facebook in which you create an album cover for yourself.  The recipe to your creation goes like this:
1.  Go to wikipedia and hit “random” thats your band name.  Mine was: Malachi’s Cove (love how cove got in there!)
2. Go to and hit “random” the last 4-5 words of the last quote is the name of your album.  Mine was: I cannot live without books.
3. Go to and hit “explore” and that photo is your album cover.

Then you go to and put all the pieces together!  I think mine turned out AWESOME! Maybe someday.